My Journey

My journey with yoga started in 1995 when I took a yoga class through Charlottesville Parks and Recreation. I don’t know why I was led to take a yoga class. I was not certain of what yoga was. I felt sure that I would not like it, because I did not like group exercise.

However, I continued to take yoga classes for two years. At the same time, yoga studios were beginning to pop up in my town, and I was usually the first one at the door. One hot summer evening, a group of lady friends asked if I wanted to join them for some margaritas at an outdoor cafe. My response opened my eyes to my commitment to yoga. My answer was simply, “No, sorry, can’t join you. I have my yoga class tonight.” A group exercise class had been replaced by being a solo player on my mat. I relished the quiet, the juiciness in my hips, the discovery of my breath. Thus, yoga became my path, and I sought it out more and more.

In 2001, an Integral Yoga Teacher Training was offered in Charlottesville. I decided that it would be awesome to explore yoga further but never with the intention to teach. Never! So much for intentions…

Over these 20 years, I have experimented with many styles of yoga. I am most comfortable with a meditative approach. My classes are friendly, relaxed, and infused with a sense of humor. In the last 10 years, I have focused on restorative yoga and yin yoga, offering workshops and trainings. I have worked with Judith Lasater, Biff Mithoefer, Erich Schiffman, and Bernie Clark. Currently, I teach at Atlantic Coast Athletic Club (ACAC) in Charlottesville, VA. My real training and experience comes from more than a thousand hours in the classroom, where I continue to learn.

When I am not teaching, I like drinking margaritas at outdoor cafes with my friends. I love the movies, walking, and traveling. In the last several years, I have had the wonderful opportunity to travel to India, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Turkey, Italy, and Guatemala with David, my best friend and husband of 33 years.

I have one son who has a big heart, three cats, Jai, Japa, and Johnny Cash that I simply adore, and the best family and friends that a girl can have.

Life is good, and I am grateful.

– Marla